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Is beutbling jewelry shower friendly?

Generally, it is okay to shower with your jewelry, if your jewelry is real gold, sterling silver, platinum, palladium, stainless steel, or titanium steel. Other metals like copper, brass, bronze, or other base metals shouldn't go in the shower as they can turn your skin green.

I believed that all jewelry need that extra care to prolonged their lifetime, eventho u can wear it in shower for few times, I’ll always suggest to my customer to not frequently exposed it to water with harsh chemical/soap because all of plated jewelry will eventually oxidize/dull due to our body’s natural oil, except for real gold but what makes our materials different is we used (14K, 18K, 24K) that has small percentage of gold in it that makes it durable than normal plating. Read more on our material section


What materials beutbling use for jewelry?

Having a jewelry piece that last long and something that we can wear often is more important and worth the splurge. In beutbling we pick quality materials from 14K, 18K, 24K, 316L Stainless steel, Rolled-Gold, Titanium steel. To include, we incorporate pearls/quartz/shells/gemstones for one of a kind value & style in our jewelry, every single piece of it has difference & unique shape to it. All material used will be list down under the products.  

Are beutbling jewelry suitable for sensitive skin?

Titanium steel, 18/24K are hypoallergic & safe to used. However, for those who suffer from extreme sensitive skin issues kindly wear at your own risk. 

Why the shape of the natural materials always different?

We incorporate mostly from natural sources, these items comes with tiny/slight different shape and sizes, because it is not a manufacturing made but it’s naturally sourced thus there’s some whimsical & uniqueness shape to it for example the pearls & natural stones. We hand pick each one of it and delivered only quality natural items. We hope our customers understand that each one of this natural materials are unique & has it’s on identity and it's in the nature freshwater pearls to have its iconic whimsical shaped.

I received the wrong product, what can I do?

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, please contact us within 5 days once u received the product (delivered). Send us picture of proof and the jewelry must be unworn and pack in its original packaging. The postage price will be bared by us.

Can I cancel my orders?

Unfortunately once payment are done we couldn’t cancel your orders. We will start making and print it right away after orders were confirmed and placed.

Will there be restock for any sold out items?

Yes we will restock sold out items, usually took around 1 or 2 weeks to restocks. In case our customer purchase an item which is "sold out" but still shows available in our website due to our error updating, we will email/message our customer if they willing to wait till stocks arrive.

Will there be restock for SALE items?

Sale item can be found in "SALE" sections. Sale item are last stock item that's still new condition and once it's sold out we won't be restock it ever again. Mind that sales item are NOT defect items, it's new item that won't be restock again.

How long for Pre-order item to restock?

Usually took about 1-2 weeks for us to restock items. You can still purchase the pre-order/sold out items and we will keep u update once the items restock.

Im having problem to checkout my items.

Kindly fill up all of the information during your check out, especially first & last name. If you only fill up the first name without the last name, you won’t be able to check out your items. And shipping will be calculate once you fill up your address.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do! Just let us know on instagram :)

What payment method beutbling use?

Currently beutbling use bank transfer & PayPal method. For bank transfer the details will be shown upon checkout. Customer need to upload their bank receipt as proof of payment during checkout (screenshot or scanned copy of receipt) within 24hours. Do include the transaction Reference ID as well. Placed order that failed to shows proof of payment will be consider unpaid and will not be process.

Below is beutbling current bank details:

Bank Name: Bank Islam
Account Name: Nurul Syamiera bt Mohd Rafiq
Account Number: 12010024941580



Can I change the length of the necklace/add on or removes any beads/wording on my necklace?

Yes u can, just dm us on instagram @beutbling or email us [email protected] before making the payment (different prices for add-on length/beads/wording).

Can I put a birthday notes in my order?

Yes u can, just pick the birthday cards on “other” sections and let us know your writing wish on remark during your checkout.

Is there any silver option for your item?

Yes we do! Let us know if you wish to purchase the items in silver option.

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